DARIO GAREGNANI, orchestra conductor

Italian conductor specialized in contemporary repertoire, in new languages ​​and in most recent experiences of musical theater, was a finalist in 2010 for the position of assistant conductor for the Ensemble InterContemporain of Paris headed by Pierre Boulez, debuting the same year on the podium of the orchestra of the Teatro La Fenice in Venice for the inaugural event of the Music Biennale. Return to the podium in the same orchestra the following year for the closing concert of the event with a program dedicated to Nono and Stravinsky.


Assistant Mauricio Kagel at the Venice Music Biennale and Kagel Festival in Buenos Aires, he conducted the first performance of his Italian opera mare nostrum and Variety in the Accademia Filarmonica Romana season at the Teatro Olimpico in Rome , registered for RadioRai .

He has dozens of premieres for large symphony orchestra and for the most varied organic , to the monumental premieres of Mise en abime (2010) and Garon (2011) the Israeli composer Yuval Avital . With the ensemble Secret Theatre, of which he was one of the founders , he directed the first performances of national Pierrot Lunaire by Schoenberg and Kammesymphonie festival Fadjr of Tehran, in a program devoted to composers discriminated against by the Nazis, Schoenberg , Berg, Webern and Eisler . The first performances of Pierrot Lunaire with male voice in Tehran and Shiraz has been a huge success with audiences and critics , decreed one of the best performances of the festival , finding echo in the world press and the repertoire at the boundary between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, between the two poles Mahler and Schoenberg continually proves to be one of his favorite and most frequented long . Always at the head of this ensemble has long worked for the Milan Conservatory and won the tender for the execution of all the songs of composers breed , a collaboration that continues with recent premieres for large symphony orchestra the Orchestra Sinfonica di Milano ‘ Giuseppe Verdi ‘ .

After studying instrumental , he studied composition at the Milan Conservatory under the guidance of Sandro Gorli , which was then a long time assistant , directing a number of occasions the Divertimento Ensemble , as in the performance of Message de feu Mademoiselle Troussova of Kurtag , in the presence author and a new stage version of Maderna’s Satyricon .


A lover of musical theater , he graduated first in the sciences of cultural heritage with a degree in musical dramaturgy devoted to Offenbach, then in musicology with a thesis devoted to the technique of speech choir in music of the twentieth century , both times with prof. Emilio Sala, with highest honors . His skills and experience contemplate theater director , director of lights, sound projection and live electronics , who worked on several occasions for the MiTo Festival , the Piccolo Regio in Turin , for the Biennale and for music Comunale di Bologna . On the recording side has published a CD dedicated to F. Delli Pizzi ( Chamber Music , 2008) and for the label Brilliant Classics dedicated to G. Albini ( Cyclic Music , 2013) and has edited the music for The optimist Leonardo Manera and Mark Rampoldi , product Rai5 . He teaches theory , music history , harmony and musical dramaturgy at the Civic School of Music ‘ A. Wells ‘ Corsico since 2009 , carrying out intense popular activities in various contexts , to the lessons of the history of opera held in 2011 in a pilot project at the prison of Lodi. He graduated clarinet, also studying singing and composition at the Milan Conservatory , specializing in courses then Sandro Gorli for the contemporary repertoire , with Benjamin Zander and Janos Furst in London and the master of the Philharmonic Society of Saint Petersburg. After premiered ‘Round’ by G. Marangoni at Lugano Long Lake Festival in July, next performance are planned in september, with the first world performance of Yuval Avital REKA massive work n.4 for MiTo festival in Milan and for Warsaw Autumn festival.